What Does a Flea Bite Look Like?

If you think very carefully you will notice something interesting about fleas. Of course you know about fleas. Dark miniature which is known as blood sucker or you can say little vampires who suck blood causing a number of diseases. We know about how fleas look like. But its time you should know how flea bite look like? It’s very important as we neglect it by telling the marks of flea bite as mosquito bite. There is a toxic named pathogen which can come to our body or in our pets’ body through flea bite. For me it is the worst part of all. Now let’s see how flea bite looks like.
First let me inform you that flea infestation gets to your pet and in you on summer and spring season. It is the time when they live a happy life by reproducing many more. Flea gets stuck to pet as well as human skin on this season. A flea abrasion skin and injects saliva which contains anticoagulant substances. Then it continues to suck blood until it is full to its brim. That is why it is the crucial work to identify flea bite and take favorable step to stop the influx.

Flea Bite on animals:

Flea bites on all over the body of a cat or dog. When your pet cat or dog scratches its body you know it is a flea problem, but you will also notice that all over the bodies there are redden areas. Then you are sure it is flea bite.

Flea Bite on human:

Flea bites on human are hard to recognize as there are several other bites mark such as lick bite, mosquito bite etc. A flea bite will first appear as a small red bump on the skin, delimited by a red halo skin. If you take a magnifying glass you will see that the flea bite is a one puncture wound. Where others bite are two puncture holes. The person having sensitive skin faces a terrible itching problem which may worsen to inflammation. Children are more sensitively affected by flea problem as there rashes begin to grow faster bordered in most area. If you notice a flea bite on your skin wash the area with antiseptic soap. You can use warm water. After washing you may use icepack as it relief you from scratching and itching mess. If you have sensitive skin use calamine 3times a day or hydrocortisone lotion 2 times a day. You can use antihistamine ointment. Please do not take any risk as this is a matter if your big part of body I mean skin. Contact to skin doctor as well as home remedy.

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