What Do Flies Eat?

No one in this world can survive without food.he or she have to eat a certain amount of food for live.actually i eat more than twice in a day.because i am a food lover.eating food is my habit.i have 16 pair of teeth and i use them to eat food.grinding power of my tooth is 600 pounds.i can chewing,biting food.sorry friends i am out of track because you haven’t any interest what do i eat!you want to know about what do flies eat?!by the way,i am going tell you what do flies eat.

i think fly are more lucky then us in this fact and that is they don’t need any work for owned food.but we are lucky enough for having teeth.we can eat all kind of foods.but fly doesn’t have a single pair of teeth.

in this world there are thousand of insect.some have teeth and some haven’t teeth.eating procedure of them are also different.eating procedure of by which fly eat is very interesting.they can not eat all kind of foods.they can’t eat solid or semi solid food.they are only able to eat liquid food because eating liquid food doesn’t require teeth but for eating solid food needs presence of teeth.the procedure of eating liquid food is very simple.fly have a straws like tongue.by this straws shape tongue they can suck strongly.they suck up liquid food in their mouth and their mouth absorbed that food like a sponge.but they have a unlivable power to make solid food in to liquid. they make them by vomiting or spitting on it.they like to eat any kind of wet or any kind of decaying matter.but they are mostly attracted by those food which have strong odor.by this reason pet waste is very favorite food for flies because it has strong odor.

I think the information which i mention here will help you to know what do flies eat.if you have any interest to know how do other insect eat then simply comment our website.we will try our best to fulfill your requirement.

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