Using Salt to kill Fleas in the Carpet

Fleas harm your normal life style by irritating you and your pets’ and also your belongings. There are such factors through which fleas disturbs us a lot. So it is important that besides you take care of yourself you must take care of your home belongings. The most common place for flea is the carpet. It is a succulent place for them to hatch eggs and this is consign where your cat or dog most of the time whirl.At that position the fleas get a chance to ride on your pets’ fur. So it’s important to remove fleas from your carpet first.
I can now suggest you a cheap and easy way to kill fleas. And you may have known that it’s salt.Salt is a mineral ingredients which is effective for fleas to die. I heard many question from my neighbors and my friends if salt kill fleas. I always suggest them to use salt as sometimes chemical is detrimental and perilous for us and for our pets’. This is why it’s essential that you must make your carpet free from fleas.

  Instruction :

  1.  Purchase some container of salt. You will apply salt as per size of your carpet. My carpet is 12” by 11”. So I need a large amount of salt. There are many kind of salt. All kind of salt is not powdered. I am suggesting you to use refine salt so that it can be applied evenly on carpet. If you use sea salt I am informing you to blend it in your regular home blender to salt the sea salt powder.
  2.  Before applying salt you must vacuum all of your carpet in each room. This will help you to get rid of fleas’ easily. Seal the bag, and then remove it from your home.
  3.   Now apply the salt on your carpet. I apply salt at night as my pet used to roam all the day long. Another important thing is that you must avoid applying salt in your room or on your pets’ bedding. Because first you will sleep there and another one reason is that it can make a little problem to you as salt is a dehydrating element.
  4.  I usually vacuum all the carpets of my home in the morning. Then let my pet out of my room and then apply salt to that room’s carpet. It will help to remove flea from your whole home if any is remaining in your bedroom.
  5.   At dawn or in the afternoon vacuum your bedroom’s carpet.
  6.  Then correctly seal the bag and leave it somewhere far away from your home.

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