Using Borax to kill Fleas?

Few days ago I noticed some red inflated area on my ankle. I was very much scared about it. Then I notice my little kitty started to scratch its whole body frantically. Then I consult with one of my friend. What she told me was very familiar for you to hear. She told the reason why my ankle got such red marks and my kitty facing a severe itching nuisance. It’s flea a filthy blood sucker, which causes only harm to us and our pets.

As it is a disease we’ve to take care of it patiently. Natural ways for any problem is always on the top. If you face your flea problem naturally I guarantee you that natural way won’t make you a loser one. In this case my first choice is Borax.

Borax is as like boric acid but not actually like that. It contains boric acid. It’s a white granite powder which is very useful to kill flea. Borax can be used in yard even in your home. How borax is used to kill fleas in yard in stating step by step.

Instructions :

1. Borax is a dehydrating element which breaks the extra coating of fleas. For this reason fleas dehydrate then die.

2. You must be sure that your yard is not going to wet by the rain. You can continue the process in a sunny day. I am telling you to pick a sunny day because the borax will work when your flea affecting is completely dry. As borax is powdery element the rain water or other water can wash away the borax. Also clean your yard before applying borax. Dead leafs and other remaining might be the house of fleas or will be hindrance when borax is applied.

3. Now we may take any container to apply borax. A bucket is preferable if your yard is big enough. It’ll be hilarious for you to hear but sometimes I use Pringles bottle. And I did small holes in the lid. Small holes are important as it helps to sprinkle the borax evenly in al place.

4. After applying borax leave the area maximum for 3 days. Yard may be the playing ground for your pet animal. Please try not to let your pet animal to roam around in yard as borax can be harmful for their skin. Borax is also harmful for grass as it dehydrates if it’s applied in your yard for such a long time. Try to keep your pet away of it if not possible then whenever your pet comes home after playing in yard give them a good bath so that any borax powder don’t left in its body.

5. After 3 days wash your yard as if a single spot of borax powder is not left.

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