Top 5 Best Home Remedies For Fleas

When I was a kid my grandpa told me about tales of vampire. Fleas are similar to vampire as it sucks blood from its host.

Flea causes the most irksome problem and it’s called itching. If your home is attacked by flea then you will get indication of it through dark particle on your pet, your pets bedding and also in your bedding. Your cat or dog will start scratching furiously. Of course many small red bump areas will appear on your skin and it’ll create a severe itching problem.

And if you scratch your wound area badly it’ll further affect to other bacterial issues. So first and foremost duty of yours is to avoid scratching those red inflamed area. Start treating you, your pet as well as your home. There are many procedure of getting rid of flea. Before you went to visit to doctor or veterinarian you can minimize or can make your home free from flea in some natural way. You know the saying prevention is better than cure.

As you love your children the most, you also love your pet animals as like that. If you are a pet lover then you must have the information about how to take care of them. As like you, your pat animals can have many diseases. The most common problem is the flea.

Home Remedies For Fleas

1. The first duty of yours is to make your home clean. Vacuuming is the most effective way.

2. Mixture of baking soda and salt is another easy way. Add baking soda and salt in equal amount on a bowl and sprinkle the mixture in your carpet, furniture or in the place where flea is seen.

3. Add a little amount of garlic in your pets’ food. It will distract flea from coming near to your pet.

4. You know when we are sick our body’s immune power is not good. As like us if a pet is not having a proper diet then he or she can’t fight against flea or other diseases.

5. Vinegar is also effectual. Add ½ tsp of vinegar in your pets’ food. You know vinegar is a sour element and creates a sour affect on pets’ blood that let the fleas to stay away from them.

The process which I am going to tell you now is a soggy process. Take a spray bottle; fill its half with vinegar and less than half with water. Add 6 lemon juice and 2 tbsp of hazel witch solution. Spray the mixture in your home where flea is resided. Especially in carpet, furniture, window sills, pets’ bedding and if possible then in your bedding. If flea invasion is acute then repeat the process 2 times a day.


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