Top 5 Best Bait for Mouse Traps

Mouse are filthy and disgusting little creature which troubles us in many ways. They visit our home in need of a shelter. They need shelter when the outside weather is frosty. If you are unconscious it may increase its population in larger number inside your home.

So you should first try that those miniatures couldn’t enter into your property. If uncertainly they enters you should have the idea of getting rid of them. My grandpa told me use cheese as mice bait. But those little filthy animals made my grandpa’s advice only a saying. Now-a-days cheese doesn’t work at all. There are other such factors which are said to be effective for trapping mice. I am now informing you about it.

Aged old mouse traps:

Mouse traps are always every ones first choice may be. Sometimes it works well but sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t work because of the selection of bait you are using in it. There are several things that attract the mice a lot. They are stating below:

Peanut butter and bacon:

The combination of peanut butter and bacon is good one. Peanut butter is a soft peaky object which can be leaked by mice easily. That’s why the traps can’t catch them. When you wrap peanut butter with bacon mouse have to touch the traps trigger. It ultimately causes them to be caught.

Sweets or gooey object:

My grandpa often said those mice are likely to have a sweet tooth. You can apply sweets on the trap or you can apply any sticky object.

Crackers: They also love to have crackers. Such as nut and toffee which is made of nut. Nut is hard object, which will take more time than other chew object to be crushed done.

Vanilla extract:

It is for those who are allergic to peanut butter. My sister is very much allergic to peanut butter. I suggested her to use vanilla extract instead of peanut butter. Take a cotton ball and pour few drops of vanilla. And then place it where your trap is allocated. I am giving you guarantee that it will attract the mice towards your trap.

Food on paper:

This is my preferred part. I taught it from my grandpa. First make a ball of sea fishes. Mice like sea food. Now take a sheet of hard board. Then apply master gum on the board. Place the fish ball right in middle of the board. When your little enemy comes to have a bite of fish, it will stick on the board. Be careful that you use a much bigger board. Besides this you may also use caramel of sugar or honey. Don’t overpower the caramel else when you pour it, it’ll become hard on the board. If you don’t want to use fish you can use chocolate, bacon or any other sweet objects which may attract you small friend immensely.

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