Top 10 Best Way to Get rid Of Mice

At a humid weather my papa always told me that it was a perfect time for mice to get into people property. He has his reason as he faced such condition. Mice enter in your house and create much disarray. Once in my home my mama made such chaos for to remove mice from our house. Old aged people tried to kill mice by wooden mouse traps but I suggest this as an inhumane work. Those traps crushed mouse very pathetically. I am suggesting you to follow some home natural ways through which your home may get rid of mice proficiently.

Exterminate foodstuff:

You might be surprised to what I told now. My dad first informs me about this. If you really wanted to get rid of mice first and foremost duty of yours is to exterminate food supply that you are giving to them. Stop placing foodstuff open here and there. Seal your dry food stuff in box container.

Close all suspecting ways: Close all ways where your mice can enter into your house. It’s important as it stops a huge amount of mice to get into your property. Seal al holes with dish cleaning cloth, known as green kitchen pad by applying few drops of peppermint oil.

1. Use peppermint or its oil:

Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent to get rid of mice. Its intense smell drives away the mice from your property. I usually make some cotton ball and drop some peppermint oil on those, and then place it to my doorways or suspecting areas where those rodents might enter into your house. My dad also planted a peppermint tree in front of main gate of my home and also placed another tree on big urn to my home doorways. It’s very much effective as it drives away mice effortlessly.

2. Tabasco mixture:

This is my nanny’s recipe of repelling mouse. It’s very simple to make and much more effective then you think. Take a spray bottle and fill ½ of it’s with water. Add 1 ½ tbsp of Tabasco sauce and then 2 tbsp of detergent powder. Spray this mixture to the entrance of your home, to your yard, garage, under beds and behind the furniture’s.

3. Towel throwing process:

If you luckily face any mice roaming around you, don’t run here and there; face it by throwing towel over it. After throwing towel place an overturn waste basket then skid a LP. LP helps to seal the basket. Then you must run along with the basket, far away from your home.

4. Bay leaves:

Bay leaves are sometime effective to be used in the kitchen and in your pantry.

5. Cat urine:

If you have a kitty place its urine in a bowl and let it be in such places where mice are seen frequently.

6. Use steel wool:

When my home was infested by a group of mice I noticed many holes here and there. At once I stick steel wool as in my sense the mice don’t have any steel tooth to chew the steel wool.

7. Onion:

Onion is the most common ingredient in your home. My dad taught me to blend the onion to paste consistency. And to put the paste on bay leaves, then place it in front of all mice holes, your doorways, and under your bed and also in kitchen. The aroma of onion is extreme which also add the smell of bay leaves together works to drive off mice from your sweet home.

6. Barn owl:

A barn owl can kill about 10-12 mice a night. If you have a big garden, attract some barn owl by building house for them. Call a local veterinarian to check the nature of the owl. Or else it may invite other owl than barn owl and can cause harm.

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