How to use Borax for Fleas?

The most common disease for you and your animal is flea. Flea is an irritating parasite that disturbs you as well as your pet animal. Flea in its life cycle of 10 months can lay about 6000 eggs. It means a lot. Sometimes it became difficult for some people to get rid of fleas or problematic for some to bear such cost. Naturally you can get rid of this irksome problem. I suggest you borax.

The borax is derived from Persian Borax. Borax is a white mineral that contains boric acid. It is an inexpensive way. It has some application area such as- laundry, beauty products and for cleaning. Also who suffered from flea problem is familiar with this word. You can use this product in your home, especially in your yard or lawn. I can define you a procedure which through you may have information about borax.

Borax is the most reliable choice for me. There are other few ingredients which can be mixed with borax. And I am passing it to you. Procedure is stated below.

1st process:

First of all find the flea contaminated area. Find especially to those areas where your pet animal visits frequently. It can be inside your house or your yard. Make sure that it will be dry for 3 days. For this you have to forecast the weather condition. You can choose sunny days for the process. If not then borax will not work.

2nd process:

Take a bucket. I can tell you that it depends how much you apply but the ratio may remain same. Put 2 portion of borax, 2 portion of diatomaceous earth and 1 portion of salt in the bucket.

3rd process:

Before applying the mixture be sure that your pet animal do not come to those area as it is may cause harm to them. Sprinkle the mixture in your yard. Make sure that the mixture is evenly applied. You can run this process in your home in carpet. As carpet is the warmest place for fleas to live in and to hatch its egg. Vacuum your carpet before applying the mixture. By doing this the fiber of the carpet become open and can allocate the mixture easily.

4th process:

I have told you before to remove your animals from the area where borax mixture is used. Sometimes it becomes impossible to forbid your pets’ to go outside. In that case you can run this process when you are in vacation along with your pet dog or cat. But it becomes too risky to leave the yard with borax as borax dehydrates everything. It can damage yard grass. If it is then you can go to a vacation for 2 to 3 days.

5th process:

After 3 days wash the yard to that extent as it leaves not a single white powder of borax mixture.

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