How to Treat Flea Bites on Human Skin?

Flea, are you known with the word? Supposedly I thing we all knew about this. As my sense flea is a blood sucking leech which lives on blood. My little sister calls it vampire. She has a high sense of humor. Every thing on earth has a life cycle. As so it flea also has a 4 stage life cycle. First stage is the egg, then comes the stage larva, next is pupae or cocoon stage and the last but not the list is an adult flea.
The cocoon stage matures if the weather is humid and it happens in the season of summer. It is very peculiar insect. This can cause a serious problem to our skin. Flea bite actually looks like small red bump on the skin, with a red nimbus around the area of the bite. It looks as if the area is punctured. As I told you about how it looks like now it’s time that I told you the treatment on humans whom have flea bites.There are such things that can help you as remedies of flea bite.
They are as follows-
1. Flea bite is much more irritating as it causes itching problem. My first suggestion will be to use ice bag on the bite area. It will less the itching problem.
2. The most horrible thing is to scratch the biting area. It is the toughest work for some people. So please try not to scratch.
3. If you have got any allergic reaction from the bites my best suggestion is to have an oral antihistamine. It will reduce your itching problem.
4. When fleas bite on your skin it means that it was having blood as dinner and as it feeds itself it also defecate. It means that you have a lot of bacteria around your bite area. It will make another way for other bacterial diseases.
5. Wash flea bite area with antiseptic soap; of course do not forget to use cool water.
6. If you visit the local chemist you will find oatmeal solution by which you can have tepid bathe. Again I am suggesting you to use cool water.
7. Topical antibacterial or calamine lotions can be used as a cleanser. It will clean the skin instantly.
8. If you don’t have any antibacterial lotion you can use tae tree oil and clean the area.

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