How to Kill Rats in the Home

My mummy and my grandma always warn me with such silly factors, from which mice is one silly factor. I am telling this creature silly as it is small in size but causes large damages to us. I know some people are sensitive about telling mice a silly creature because they like them. I am not hurting them but trying to manifest there irritating nature of disturbing human life. My mummy taught me that you’re your home is attacked by mice you will get its sense because it has many signs that they are in your home.Say, you will notice droppings which are dull and grayish in color.

When my home is infested by mice I noticed many holes in my cabinet boxes and in my clothes, and when it’s night they come outside to feed themselves which leaves many noises.When it comes to kill mice many people think of calling the exterminator which causes much money to be spent. You can do that but my grandma always told me to first try yourself to get rid of them then look for external source. I am going to show my grandma’s instruction.

1.Wooden mouse trap:

Traditional method to kill Mice and Rat is wooden mouse trap. There is a saying that old is gold. My grandma was used to this method as there where no alternative at that time. Now-a-days it’s very cheap in demand. It will cost you not more than $2. Few days ago I bought it at $1.02. Most of you knew that favorite food of mice is peanut butter and chocolate. This two works as excellent bait for them. Place some peanut butter with chocolate in the trap. The aroma of peanut butter will increase their temptation of having a nice meal like that. They will start having the food; this will eventually lead them to die.

2.Glue trap:

It’s similar to wooden snap trap. Wooden snap trap leaves a messy and chaotic condition as it smashed the filthy creatures head or other body parts. Once I used glue trap. Actually it’ll not kill the mice but it’ll help to stick the mice on the board. I heard many people complaining that they left a glue trap with baits after sometime they saw mice legs or tails. It means to let them free they chewed their body part. In this case avoid

3.using glue trap:

Poison: poison is another way to kill mice. Take out a flat plastic board and make a ball of any sea fish, by adding there some poison of any brand you are using. Then apply master gum on the plastic board and place the ball in the centre. When mice will smell the scent of fish it’ll run there to have it. The master gum will help to stick the mice. After having the food it’ll call out for its last day

4.Electric trap:

For me it’s the most favorable product to kill mice. It has a special ultra-sonic vibration for mice. Mice attract to that place and enter into it. Soon after entering they died by having a high voltage electric shock. By this product the mice are dead at spot. It is the most enjoyable and effectual way for killing mice.

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