How To Kill Fruit Flies Fast?

No one want to be a killer in this world but when the fact is fruit fly, I want to be a killer! I want to kill all the fruit flies in the world. as it’s not possible for me to kill all fruit fly so I need your help. I want you to join my team and kill this irritating animal. but killing of fruit fly is not an easy task. Defiantly it’s going to be an easy task when you follow my instruction. then you will be a killer, you will be a killer of fruit flies. let me introduce you my favorite tips for you that I have learn from my experience. There are two method for killing fruit flies.

Natural Method

  1. Awareness
  2. Homemade Trap
  3. Product Based Method


if there are no fruit fly in your house then you will be a lucky person. and I want to make you a lucky person. You just need to follow my instruction which is given below.

  1. Remove all breeding site like ripened fruit or vegetable.
  2. keep ripened fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.
  3. clean your disposal container properly.
  4. live a well ventilated house.


when there are presence of fruit fly in your house you just need to kill them. you can easily kill them by using a homemade trap. it’s very easy to make a trap. First you need to take a empty jar and then place an apple cider vinegar or a piece of ripened banana. over the top of the jar Tape some plastic wrap and make some small hole by finger prick. then the greedy fruit fly come close to the jar and goes inside the jar. but once they goes inside the jar ,they have no ability to get out. and finally you can kill them easily.
if there are lot of fruit flies in your house then you have to use artificial method. there are many product in market, that can easily help you to kill fruit flies. let me introduce a very effective and well known product in market and that is,

Web Wall Outlet Fly Insect Trap.

It’s a very light product. it can easily catch fruit flies. it’s made for both residential home and commercial use. you can place it any where in your house. when old one is full you simply just need to change the glue pad. the main thing of this product is it’s very low price. Only $39.35.

You can easily buy it from your trusted site and that is

So don’t wait my friend. go now and buy this product and make your sweet home free from fruit fly.

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