How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

I think most of us have gone through mice dilemma. When this little disgusting, ghastly and filthy animal runs in front of me I feel like to shoot them at once. When I faced with this rodents problem I didn’t sit at all. I started working at once. The mice which wander in front of me are seen but which are not in front of me those are a little bit hard to exterminate. A common place for mice to live is in wall. That place is the safest place for them to live. You will hear chewing, gnawing, scurrying and scratching noise in the wall.
First of all make sure that your wall is infected by mice. There are possibilities of other animals to get into walls. I am going to give you some suggestion of how to get mice out of your walls.
The first thing is to seal the holes of your house walls. If any place have ¼ inch holes or more than that seal it with steel wools because mice cannot chew it to get into the walls.
You can use mouse traps from where the mice enter or exits into walls. It is very much of a technique to use mouse traps against the wall. Our little friend is very slyness. If they got an idea that the trap is used to catch them then they will find another way to get into the walls. You can unset the traps for 2/3 days. It’ll make those creatures to feel that those traps are safe for them. Then set those with bait to catch them. If your wall is not made of bricks you can cut in some area and can put several mouse traps inside the walls.
You can also use the ancient method of using glue traps. In glue traps they will stuck there and will die by starving. If they are dead it’ll create a filthy smell all around the house. So check them when you get time.
This is my favorite way of getting mice out of the walls. If your home wall is made of cupboard, then cut in some places where you hear noises. Then put peppermint oil inside the walls. After that, seal all the area except one. The one area which is opened for them that must lead them outside place of your home. You must make sure that your entrance of your home is sealed by peppermint tree or oil. I am extremely feeling apologetic for those people who has brick wall. This peppermint method might not work for them.

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