How to Get rid of Mice in the Attic

When I was little I watched my grand pa how he do his work and in what manner. In countryside home it’s a difficult life and the hugest problem is different kinds of pest. Here I am mainly talking about mice. It lives in every place, including home, garage and attic. One day I saw my grandpa, killed a mice in attic with a riffle. It was a heroic task for me at that time. Ha ha. I am not telling you to follow my grand pa’s step. But of course I am going to recite you some step of How to get rid mice in Attic.

1st procedure:

First of all seal all possible entries where mice can enter your house. Look for gapes in the formation of your home including roof line, attic, and ventilation and eave gaps. Seal those possible holes or gapes with steel. To block of air flow you may use sealant.

2nd procedure:

An aged method can be use. At least use 15 traps in attic area. When you found any corpse remove it with hand by using gloves.

3rd procedure:

You need to make sure that your attic area is tidy and clean. Mice left many evidence with trails and mice poop. You know if it is not hygienic mice will again come to live a pleasant life.
4th procedure:

Snap trap is best for running mice in attic. I prefer this the most. You can although use repeating trap for catching mice in attic.

5th procedure:

Go to visit a local reptile center and get some dried snake poo. Snake poo derives mice from getting into hidden places. Keep snake poo in the entrance of your garden or in attic place. I assure you it’s an effective natural method.
6th procedure:

If you are facing a mice invasion then without thinking get a barn owl from local pet animal store. You would be surprised to know that a barn owl can eat at least 15 mice at night. So barn owl is useful. But you have to take care of owl because if it’s injured somehow you will be charged a fine and will need to pay the vet bill.

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