How To Get rid of Mice in Garage

Do you know How to get rid of Mice in Garage? I think this is a easy process. I had mice problem in my Garage few months ago 🙁

You need 6 Necessary Steps for mice control in Garage:


1. Cheese & peanut butter

• Live mouse traps

• Peppermint oil

• Onion

• Steel wool

• Repellent spray etc.

Different mouse traps:

I have been seeing my family, since then I saw how my Grandma uses traps for, ice. It’s an effective method which is being used since a long time. Sometimes my father uses spring traps or glue strip traps for the garage. As it’s a wonderful place for mice to grow their generation. It was very disgusting to remove dead mouse from traps. You know mice carry such diseases and parasites.

Garage is a place for keeping food storage:

Sometimes we use garages for keeping food storage. Straw, gain and definite kind of fertilizers are delicious food for mice. So, first of all you have to seal those as it can’t be the food for our mice.


Scent of onion is blatant for human. And for mice it’s like poison scent. So cut some onion into half. And place it in shelf of garage or in corner of the entrance.

Repellent spray, effective one:

Repellent spray is effective solution for getting rid of mice in Garage .Spray mice repellent in the outside edge of your garage. So that to take care of existing problem new influx is diminished. This spray encourages mice not to go outside of garage from wall or corners or holes. In this case mice take food of the garage; it can be anything like it can be material too. So better use mouse trap inside garage.

Homemade solution:

Commercial repellent spray is available in big grocery shop, health service sectors or in pest control sectors. But in case you are out of it try to make your own spray. By the combination of 1tbps of peppermint oil, 1 tsp of hot pepper sauce, ¼ cup of detergent powder and a gallon of water. Spray this mixture twice a day in your garage.

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