How to Get rid of Mice Fast

Few months ago I started to work on internet then suddenly my net connection is off. I searched for every possible way to fix it. Then I found it’s a mouse, which possibly cut my cable. Although those cable where looking colorful that’s the possible reason becoming there food. Even my little sister’s skirt and reading book became their food.

At that time there was a few mice after some day it grew in vast number.

It grew so fast that it was intolerable to control mice in my house. So my main point is to show you how mice grew fast. If there are two mice it will have 30 children, 70 grandchildren and 650 great-grandchildren and 1200 great-great-grandchildren. Yeah, it’s a total amplification, but it is quite possible. For this exaggeration, you need to do something. Followings are the important tips about How to get rid of mice that actually works!


Close food supply:

Mice are in your house because you let them in. They live in those places where you provided food and shelter. Most of the time mice enjoy having cereal grains and crumbs. They can also eat those things which come to our unimaginable thinking. First you have to diminish their food sources. Then try to cover up your food with edible sealed containers and try to clean up your house regularly.

Use your vacuum cleaner for removing crumbs and under the furniture wherever there is a risk of food left. Pet food is another Appealing meal for mice. So it’s important to feed your pet in sitting. If it’s a cat then she is hungry she’ll go for mice.

Make your house house-proof:

You can walk around your home looking for holes, cracks and certain other point where mice can enter. Then seal those points as well. You mustn’t forget about the attic. In my friend’s home mice get in through ventilation. So it’s important that the hole is about 1/2icnh or less than that. You should make sure as the trash container is tighten well.

Use Mice Traps:

By using latest technology gadget it’s possible to get rid of mice. This kind of gadget includes a method of scent. By producing scent they can entice mice into their trap. Another gadget works as trigger. But you have to attract them through butter or peanut butter as bait. When mice are into the trap they trigger the device that may hit the mouse in its head by resulting death of it.

Apply Peppermint Oil:

There is a peppermint tree in front of my house. It’s a natural prevention for mice to get into house. Its extreme scent keeps mice away from your houses. You can find it in any grocery shops. Add a few drops of peppermint oil in cotton balls and place it in various places; it’ll distract mice from that place.

Replacing Steel Wools in Mice hole:

Steel wool pad is very tough for mice to chew. So better to use it in holes where mice can get into sweet home.

Use Civilized Trap:

This kind of traps is used from a very civilized time. Although it’s beneficiary to use it. Mouse can get into that trap but can’t come outside. When mouse sink into the trap according to your will you can release it 1 mile away from your house, in forest area where it can find a shelter. But if you want you can kill it.

Keep your home neat & clean:

It’s important to make your house a living one. Keep your food in tight container. Rats and mice live in dirty place. Want to make your home that kind of dirty? If not then start cleaning.

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