How to Get rid of Gnats Fast

I am a lover of nature. I love green. As a nature lover I am always try to make green around me. I am always trying to motivate entire of my friend to plant tree and make our world green. One of my best friend is Sid. Like me he is a nature lover. One day he tells me that, he is going through a big problem and that is Gnats. I know there are many plants in Sid’s house.

So I guess definitely it’s relating something about Gnats. And my suspect was true. He wants me a suggestion about how to get rid of Gnats. As he is my best friend so I have some responsibility .Then I am trying to find out the solution about how to get rid of Gnats. And finally I have got the solution. And today I am going to explain it to my best friend Sid and all the people who want to know How to get rid of Gnats.

What is Gnats?


Gnats are pesky little, two winged fly which are very annoying. They can lay about 250 eggs at a time. There are many type of Gnats like fruit flies, vinegar flies or no-seeums. They love moisture place for multiply. They are small but bigger than Mosquito.

Source of Gnats:

  1.  Ripped fruits like orange, banana, Mango.
  2.  Over watering indoor potted plant.
  3.  Compost etc.
Now I an going to share my solution by which you can get rid of Gnats
1.House Plants:
I have many plants in my house but I haven’t faced any problem from Gnats. Because my plants are not over watered. So don’t over-watered plant. If still there is presence of Gnats then you should follow any of this method.
1.Use Soap and vinegar:
You can use soap and vinegar for getting rid of Gnats. While watering your plants Simply mix 1 tablespoon of soap and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar into the water.
2. Use Gnatrol:
I think It’s the best product for get rid of Gnats. It’s a natural bacillus toxin which can kill the larvae of the Gnats. Actually a larva is the main enemy for your plants. It damages the root of your plants. Using of Gnatrol is very easy. You have to mix this product with water and then water your plants by it. But this method required long time. You have to use Gnatrol at least 6 weeks.
3 Sticky Stakes:
It’s a very good product for get rid of Gnats. It is very cheap and useful. You can use this product for catch flying Gnats. 
4.Moth balls:
It’s is very useful but a little bit of dangerous product. It is dangerous because if there is a little child in your house. They can be thought that that it’s a candy. Otherwise it’s a very good killer of Gnats.2:How to get rid of Gnats in house
  1.  Make your house neat and clean
  2.  Keep ripped fruits in the refrigerator
  3.  Don’t keep compost inside the house
  4.  Vacuums your house twice in a week
  5.  Keep your kitchen moist free
If you follow the solution of this article I hope it will help you a lot. And make your house and plants free from Gnats.

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