How to Get rid of Fruit Flies in the House

There are lot of problem in our busy life. money problem, girl friend problem, job problem ,wife problem. we are really tired to get rid of these problem. Now a new thing is come and that is fruit flies. Now it’s a big problem in our daily life. it’s just make our daily life hell specially the housewives. I have a simple solution for getting rid of fruit fly. Simply Don’t buy or eat fruit then ultimately there will be no entry of fruit flies. don’t be angry, I am just kidding


Getting rid of fruit flies first we have to know where it’s attack. It’s attack every where but some place is often very attacked by fruit flies. After a long analyze I have some common place that are attacked by fruit flies. They are    1. Kitchen
2. Dining room
3. Bedroom
4. Yard
5. Toilet

Now I am going to give you the solution accordingly. SOLUTIONS ARE,

1. FOR KITCHEN -first you have to identify the cause of by which fruit fly is coming. in kitchen the cause that are highly responsible for fruit fly is garbage disposals area. So you have to careful during garbage have to sure about that all rubbish goes to disposal container. Make sure that your kitchen is clean always. give special care during cleaning the area which is unreachable. I thing if you follow these, it will make your kitchen free from fruit fly.

2. FOR DINING ROOM -some time we leave ripened fruit in our Dining room.Please be careful about that.never ever  leave ripened fruit exposed in your dining room.if there any ripened fruit or vegetables then keep in refrigerator. Frequently clean your recycling bins that hold empty bottles and cans, and make sure that contents are thoroughly cleaned before discarding. Be sure that, bottoms and the sides of garbage are free of any small bits of food or spilled juice or any kind of ripened sure that your dinning room is well ventilated.

3. FOR BEDROOM -make your bedroom neat and clean. your room should be well can also use some room spray that will help you to kill fruit fly.also you can use net to catch them and kill them easily.

4. FOR YARD – Garden gives our house more beautiful looks. It’s very irritating when there is fruit fly in our sweet yard or beautiful garden. you should focus about any form of compost from the near vicinity of your house.if there compost then remove them. you can also use fruit fly killing trap.i can give a idea about how can you easily make a trap.first you have to take a cone-shaped funnel with an 6-by-8-inch piece of paper  and then sealing it with the tape and finally sticking it into a clean jar.then Bait the jar with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or any ripe fruit such as a slice of ripe banana. Place it one or more on counters or in pantries where the pests are seen most often. The flies go in easily in the trap but they are unable to fly out. when all flies go in the trap,then kill them.

5. FOR TOILET – we have to use toilet at least twice in a day. we should not left the towels or cloth crumpled after showering or using the bath. If they are left there long enough, we will start having a problem and that is fruit fly. so a good sense of humor make our toilet free from fruit fly.


1 .make your home, dining, kitchen are neat and clean.2. live a well ventilated house.

3. If the problem is severe then use homemade trap.

4. Also I have a secret tips for get rid of fruit fly. If you want that wait for my next article.

I hope this article help you and make your life free from fruit fly. wish you all the best.

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