How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats Fast

Where there is a cat there is must be a flea. In my home I had once a huge influx of flea in my cat. My decent cat started scratching & biting its fur. First I didn’t give much attention to it as I am busy with my loaded work. Then the dilemma began with huge behavioral problem in my cat. Mine one is a white cat. So it became easier to find out that it was infested by fleas.

First I couldn’t recon it later I thought of letting my cat stand on a white sheet of paper, and then I rough up its fur a little and spray the paper with dimester. There was tiny dark brown specks every where. I was sure that a flea invasion had broken out on my home and my pet cat. Flea is a minute dark brown colored insect which is harmful for cat and dog. Life cycle of fleas is divided into 4 parts i.e. egg, larvae, pupae and the last one adult fleas. Now I am telling u How to get rid of fleas on cat. As you want to lead a happy life it’s also important to let your pet lead a happy life. Here is the procedure of getting rid of fleas on cat.

1.Use Shampoo:

You can use flea shampoo to reduce flea from your cat. Give your cat a shampoo bath. Be careful of rinsing the cat and applying the right amount of shampoo by the instruction given in bottle. It will help you diminish adult flea. This process is my favorite.

2.Use Flea comb:

Flea comb is an archaic method of getting rid of fleas. It can remove about 10%-40% of fleas on cat. Place a small amount of petroleum jelly on the comb that will help fleas to stick on it.

3.Clean up cat’s bedding:

Only giving bath to your cat not solve the problem you need to clean it’s bedding. It needs to be washed in hot soapy water for about 20 minutes. Then when it’s waterlogged completely, rinse & dry it. It will help to diminish adult fleas.

4.Apply cat flea spray:

It is also an old but effective way of removing fleas on cat. Wear rubber gloves while spraying. Avoid cat’s eye and mouth area. Frontline spray is most accepted.

5.Make your house tidy:

You can use vacuum cleaner to clean up your house. From local pet store get some vermiculite and sprinkles it on carpet. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Dark, shallow and warm place are the best home for flea kind of parasites.

6.Program in cat’s food:

For me it is the most applicable process, although there lays a risk as cat is a sensitive animal. Program is given via oral suspension. Before applying the product you must check it carefully how to use it. This product is mixed into the cat’s food and it would be engrossed in bloodstream. Program helps fleas not to hatch. If a flea bite a cat indulgence with Program which consumes the active lufenuron that prevents them from hatching. Before using this you must consult with your local veterinarian.

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