How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

After finishing day long hard work House is the most desirable place for anyone.But when our this favorite place attacked by someone like Fleas then it’s very upset for anyone.Now a days it’s a common but big problem for us.If we want to live a healthy life then first we have to make sure that our house is free from Fleas.Because healthy life start from our house.
How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

My personal opinion is house doesn’t mean only its members but also our pets like Cat or Dog.So if we want to make our house free from Fleas then we have to free our pets as well.But don’t worry!, I am at your service.In this article I am going to explain some easy method which is so useful for get rid of Fleas in your house. I have find out some step that you have to follow,if you want a Flea free house.

  1. Tips for get rid of Fleas in the house.
  2. Free your pets from Fleas.

How can you rid of Fleas in The House?

Some Easy Tips:

  1. Wash your floor twice in a day by water.You can also use some floor washing product which are available in the market.
  2. keep your house neat and clean.
  3. Your carpets and rugs is a good place for Fleas.So vacuum that at-least once in a week.
  4. Don’t waste food and make your kitchen clean all the time.
  5. Make sure that your wash room is hygienic.
  6. Try to live a well ventilated house.

Some product which is very useful:

You can also use some products which are really effective. They are cheap and available in the market.These product really help you to make your house free from Fleas.Some popular product for given below

Product For Carpet :

  1. Bio Spot Inverted Carpet Spray-
  2. Sentry Home and Carpet Spray

For House:

  1. Sergeant’s Gold Household Fogger
  2. Sentry Yard & Premise Spray Concentrate
  3. Virbac Yard Spray

Some Easy Method For Pets :

  1. Give a bath to your pets although they doesn’t like that.You can use lemon flavored shampoo or other herbal product like citronella.
  2. Give Vinegar to your cats food.Because vinegar is a sour element and it helps the fleas to drive away from cat.If you want to follow this method then add ½ tsp of vinegar to cats’ food and it will make a sour impact on cats’ blood and help let the fleas to fend off.
  3. you can use Flea comb to comb your cats’ fur.use Vaseline when you are applying the process as fleas living in her body will stuck into the comb Repeat this process again and again until no Fleas remains .

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