How to Get rid Of Fleas Fast

No one can live alone in this rude world. He or she needs a company. It may be human being or pet animal.Sometime a person you like the most may betray with you but a pet like a cat or a Dog will never ever betray with you. We love our pet so much, so we have to look after them. When we are sick our parents or we went to visit to doctor’s place.

As like us, our cat or dog needs proper medication when they are sick. But our pet can’t talk like us so they can’t express their problem. So we have some responsibility on them. There are many things around them which can irritate them. There are many fatal diseases that can affect our pet. I have also a pet and you know what I hate most in the world which irritates my pet. I think the most problematic disease is flea bite for my pet as well as your pet.

Flea, a small miniature sucks blood from its host. Flea can lay about 6000 eggs in 10 months considering an invasion plan against human or their pets.

Getting rid of flea, first we have to know where it can be found. I have made a long research on how to get rid of fleas.I think you all want to know it too. So I am going to share my research result with you.

Fleas can found,

1. on our Cats and Dogs

2. in our House

3. in Carpets, Rugs and Sofas

4. in our Yard

Now I am going to give you some instruction by which you can get rid of Fleas.

How Do You Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats & Dogs?

Applying spot-on flea treatment to ginger kitten, Tom, 8 weeks old

Dog at glacier in Himalaya’s photos the first process is to give your cat or Dog a bath as they don’t like to bath. You can wash him or her with lemon flavored shampoo or with any types of herbal product like citronella. At the time of bathing your cat you must take someone’s assistance. As they don’t like to bath there remains much danger that your cat can have shampoo water in their eyes.

  1.  You can also use vinegar to cats’ food. Vinegar is a sour element and it causes the fleas to drive themselves away from cat. Add ½ tsp of vinegar to cats’ food which will make a sour impact on cats’ blood and will let the fleas to fend off.
  2.  You can also buy a flea comb to comb your pet fur. Whenever you are applying the process try to use Vaseline. As you comb your pet the fleas living in her body will stuck into the comb. Repeat this process until there remains nothing.
  3.  Wash all area where your Pet moves or plays or sleeps. Wash its bedding with shampoo or any other dish washing soap which contains light but attractive flavor.
  4.  Take a spray bottle filling its ¾ area with lukewarm water and then add 3 tbsp of lavender oil and 4 tbsp of cider oil in it. Spray it to your cats’ body 4 times a day. You can continue this process for 3 weeks.
Getting Rid Of Fleas in Your House:
  1. Not only washing your Pet or taking other remedy can get you rid of fleas. You must take care of your home as well. Vacuuming your house is a good way as it vacuums many hidden eggs or larvae of fleas that just pops out of their shell.
  2. You may also use dish washing soap. Dish washing soap is very attractive to smell. Take a bowl of water and add 5 tbsp of any sweet type of dish washing soap at night. Next morning result will be in front of you. You’ll find fleas submerging in water. Apply this process for sometime this may continue until you find no flea.
  3. Try to make a well ventilated house. Make your house neat and clean.
Getting Rid Of Fleas in Your Carpets, Rugs and Sofas:

Fleas can find into the fibers of your carpet, Rugs or Sofas. I think the easiest way to get rid of Fleas in your carpet is vacuum your carpets vigorously.

Tips on Killing Fleas in Your Yard:

Yard makes your Home looks more beautiful. But it may be a source of Fleas. So you need to kill Fleas in your Yard. Some tips can really help you in this case. You can Use Cedar wood chips in areas where your dog or cat usually plays or sleeps. I think it is the best home flea remedy. It’s completely natural and very affective. You can also use Beneficial Nematodes.

Tips To Protect You:

When you are walking in the yard, try to wear long sleeve shirts. You should cover your skin. This will prevent fleas from jumping onto you. If you are spending a long time in the yard try to follow these instructions.

You should maintain your proper personal hygiene. Take a bath regularly. When you are unable to take a bath then at least wash your hair with shampoo.

So, you let some idea about get rid of fleas.

Now come to my next step,

What Flea product is suitable for Dog & cats?

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