How to Get rid of Drain Flies Fast

Two things infuriate me a lot. Those who are reading this article will be quiet agreed with my words. One is fruit flies and another one is drain fly. These two things irritate me the most. But there are other insects which are very annoying varying with types of people.Now let me give a short description about drain flies. Drain flies are similar to fruit flies. But it’s not the same.

Drain fly is a tiny insect measuring of 1/5 or 1/6 inch in size. Its body is brownish in color. Like other flies’ life cycle theirs are the same.

Drain fly can lay up to 150-200 eggs at a time. They love to stay or lay eggs on moist unrefined places. Eggs may hatch within 2 days at 21-23 degree Celsius. Drain flies originate in filthy areas so it can transmit any kind of disease to us. I am concluding introduction about drain fly; now let’s move to the point of getting rid of this little enemy.

How to kill drain fly:

Whenever you see a drain fly always remember that they are not alone. They are in large number dwelling in your houses moist and damp places. They are much more active at night. Before night they like to sit on flat surfaces. There are many solution of killing drain flies. Whenever you take a step for killing drain flies try to kill it from root, or else your hard work will be in vein. First of all I am suggesting you to follow some natural method. If it doesn’t work, go for chemical ways.

Natural ways to diminish drain fly:

1. Look for its origin into your home:

When drain flies roam everywhere around your home you must be worried about the fact. As it’s very annoying for me I started to look for their origin. Generally they live in soggy places like bathroom and kitchen drains, sewage disposal drain and garbage cans etc. You can run a test to examine the source of drain flies. Grab a piece of tape and lay the sticky part down covering ½ of the area of drain. You can run the test at night. Then wait for 24 hours or even in the morning you’ll notice little 1/5 inch dots on the sticky part of the tape. That’s the main origin of your little enemies.

2. Diminish reproduction ground:

Like traditional way, grab a pipe brush and a plumbing snake and get to work to be little messy. Put the pipe brush to clean all sides of the drain than with a plumbing snake pull off all hair and grime you were storing.

3. Pour boiling water:

if you think the drain is not fully cleaned you can do some other works. Pour a huge amount of hot water inside the drain to flash off flies breeding area and other nasty things.

4. To look over other soggy places:

I’ve air conditioner in my home. So I need to take care of that place as it can be perfect source of drain flies.
Prevention for drain flies in natural ways:There is many bio cleaners throughout for a long time. These are natural products which uses bacteria. Bacteria swallow all organic elements of the drain.My grandma taught me a fun way.

She used to pour 1 cup of salt down the drain then poured ½ cup bicarbonate soda or baking soda and 2 cups of white wine vinegar or just only vinegar. She let it all be for 1 day. Next day she poured liters of hot boiling water down the drain. And surprisingly, it worked all the time.

You can also make a trap for drain flies. Take a large bowl and fill it with equal amount of sugar, water and white vinegar. Then add few drops of lemon flavored liquid dish washing soap. Leave the bowl overnight beside your kitchen sink. By the smell of white vinegar drain flies will be attracted towards the bowl. As soon as they land on the water it’ll immediately drowned and dead. Through this method you can kill many adult drain flies.

Chemical ways:

If you are a busy person and can’t have time for washing drains or other places where dwell drain flies you can use chemical products. You can use drain gel for getting rid of it. Pour drain gel into the drain then wash it thoroughly with water. Or you can hire professionals for this infestation of drain flies as you are much conscious about you and your family.

Hope this article helps you with different information. And thanks for reading and try to apply all the method accordingly.

1 thought on “How to Get rid of Drain Flies Fast”

  1. We used his Grandmother’s method. It was simple, inexpensive, safe around people and pets and best of all it worked like a charm. We saw maybe six adult flies that evening and 1 or 2 the next day. After that I haven’t seen any.
    I plan to do this little trick at least once a month if not twice a month to prevent this from happening again.
    Thank you Masud for the help and for your Grandmother’s method, it really worked!


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