How to Get rid Of Cockroaches in Your House

Cockroaches are an enteric pathogen. It’s that kind of pathogen which has no value. Now it’s all over that world but that’s not our problem. But it’s a problem when it’s in our sweet home. It’s that kind of inset which can snack on our food, destroy our favorite books, wallpapers and clothes. It was a problem in my house. But now there are no more cockroaches in my house. I have followed some easy step which makes my house cockroach free. In this article I am going to share my experience and knowledge with you. Hopefully it will help you a lot to get rid of cockroaches.


1st step:

First try to figure out where cockroaches come from. You can follow an easy technique to figure out their actual resident in your house. Whenever you see a cockroach, just follow it. You can also search them in cracks or any kind of hole in your house. Important information is, dark place is very favorite to this insect.

2nd step:

Now you have to kill them. For killing them you can choice variety of insecticide which is available in market. You simply buy a reputed insecticide from market and use it on cockroach. Before use it you have to read carefully the instructions which are given with that insecticide.

Pay attention:
  1. If you use a insecticide which is a aerosol or spray then before using it put on a safety mask on your face.
  2. Keep away the pesticide from the children.
  3. If you have any kind of confusion about using it than just call a professional.

Home Remedies :

  1. Keep your house neat and clean.
  2. Give more attention on dark place.
  3. Seals any kinds of crack or holes.
  4.  Clean your kitchen daily.
  5. Don’t accumulate any kind of unwanted thing in your house.
  6. Use bleaching powder after cleaning drain.
  7. For killing cockroaches you can use some natural cockroaches’ repellents like cucumber peel, peppermint oil, garlic, citrus, catnip, and clove oil.
  8. 8. Clean your store house at least once in a week.


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