How to Get rid Of Bats in your House

 One on summer time a bat entered into our house. My mom made bad condition of that creature. But I told that it was an inhumane activity. They can be helpful to us in many ways. They can easily gallop many bugs such as flies, mosquitoes and other many more insects which disturb us a lot. It is not harmful for us at all because bats don’t attack people.

When you r removing bat from your home or outside home then you can choose the time mid-august. And avoid getting rid of bats at winter because at that time they live in an inactive condition of hunting for any insects. You know insects roam around everywhere at spring or summer time. Let’s discuss the point of getting rid of bats because sometimes it is not quite good for us.

When bat enters your house you can follow some little instructions of getting rid of them.

1. If a bat enters into your house immediately open all the windows and then put off the light. Because they find it easy to be go out from your home.

2. Leave it alone for half an hour.

3. If it did not fly out take a net with handle and try to grab the bat with that net.

4. When you are successful in your work then release it on open place or far away from your home.

Take precautionary action:

1. Locate the areas from where bats are getting inside your home. Important thing is that you must know the place of its entrance. You can look for bat droppings. Its droppings are shinny and crumbly in texture. Or you can set night vision camera at night to observe their entrance place.

2. You must be careful that any pups don’t die in any hole or tunnel after you seal those places.

3. When you seal their entrance places you must be concern that they might not find any other places which seems to be their new home. So that you should find other weak places and seal those areas.

Getting rid of bat outside the home:

1. Use cat or dog repellent on the bat. Spray their places in the morning. I am pretty sure they won’t roam around again to that place.

2. Mothball is the best option for me. If you place mothballs to their sitting places they will be distracted by the flavor and will be gone from your yard.

3. Mylar balloon and foil paper is also a distracting object. Hang those around the places where they reside. These will help them to fly away of that place.

Always remember to use gloves when you are dealing with bats related matter.


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