HomeMade Fruit Fly Traps That Work

Think about beautiful scenery packed with lots of tranquility and stillness. This is the place where you wanted to live an unruffled life. But in our daily life this landscape is broke down by sound of vehicle or other disturbing element. Your sweet scenery is most often buzzed with several sounds. Yes, you must have got my point.

I am talking about those little insects which hum around us all the time. Similar kind can be named as fly. Fruit flies are very irritating insect which causes us health issuing problem and it let us feel that our home is a garbage place where they can live a happily ever after life. Today I am going to tell you some homemade fly trap ideas which through you can diminish those insects. Most of my ideas will work to deal with adult flies. As they hum around every places and infuriates you a lot.

1.Bottle method:Now I will first tell you how to use a bottle to trap flies then I will inform you about the baits which you are going to use. Take a 2 liter plastic bottle, screw on lid. Using a sharp knife, cut around the top of the bottle and it will be two separate portions. One will look like funnel and another will look like a large mug. Now, invert the separated top portion into the lower part the bottle. You can secure the funnel top using tape. Make a hole on each side of the funnel top using knife. Now thread a piece of string through each hole. Hang the bait where flies are seen most of the time. It’s time to tell you about the bait you are using against them. Through which they will be attracted.

1. The first time I used ½ inch of sugar syrup and a piece of ham on my bottle trap.

2. If you are using a 2 liter of bottle you can use 1 ½ cup water, ½ cup sugar and ½ cup vinegar.

3. My aunt used a very method of fly trap bait. She added 1 cup of natural yeast and 1 tsp of ammonium carbonate. Keep it in a jar for 5-6 days. This is the most workable bait and my aunt used it a million time.

4. You can also use honey on the trap.

2.Using Jug:Take a 1 gallon milk or water jug. Rinse it very well. Then make several holes all around the jug. It may be of a pen cap sized. Be careful that you must not make any hole to the bottom 4 inch area. Now pour 1 cup of syrup or lemon juice with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in the jug. Then set the cap to its place. Now you can keep it in yard or heavy places where flies disturb you a lot. Cardboard milk container: this is another simplest homemade trap. I got idea about this from one of my friend. For his you will surely need a cardboard milk container, glue, honey and toilet paper roll. Open up the top of cardboard milk container. Glue the bottom of the container with toilet paper roll. After the glue is dry off along with the paper then pour some honey on the paper. Once the fly is attracted towards the honey it will stick on the paper. May be it will not probably fly after sticking with honey.

3.Sugar and soap:

Take a round shaped medium sized bowl and pour equal amount of sugar and liquid soap. And fill the ¾ of the bowl with water along with the mixture. Keep the mixture outside your kitchen. Flies will attract towards the bowl by the fragrance of sugar and will be trapped because of the dish washing soap. It will unable flies to fly away.

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