Home Remedies for Fleas On Dogs

You are checking your health problem in each month but you must think about your pet animals. Today I am talking about a pet dog. Flea invasion can hold in your house easily. It can affect your environment very badly. You need to take care of your pet’s health as flea like to choose weaker less healthy cats and dogs or even immature kitten or puppies. There are some processes to naturally control flea problem. I am suggesting you natural way as sometimes chemical products or other drugs can harm your sensitive pet or even you. Let’s see what I have got in my bucket.

1st process:

If you notice flea on your pet dog, your first and foremost work will be to give it a shampoo bath. It’s the most effective way for me. Then you can let your dog stand in a white sheet of paper then comb your dog’s fur. It will take out flea and eggs.

2nd process:

Homemade oil spray is also productive item. We can make it by you. Take about 2 liter of warm water and add 10 drops of lavender oil and coat your with it. Please avoid its eye and mouth area. I am warning you as I have a horrible experience with my puppy. Also you can make a spray. Boil about 3 cups of rosemary and 1 lemon with quarter cup of water. This mixture will prevent flea from going close to your dog.

3rd process:

Vinegar is one of my favorite flea control item. As it is easy to get. It contains above 50 components which is nutritious for our pet’s health. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar in your dog’s water. It will digest its food thus avoiding flea problem.

4th process:

The thing I am now going to tell you are much familiar with this product. It’s garlic. It has about 300 kinds of vitamin and minerals and different kinds of enzymes. It is a natural cleanser of your pet’s blood. It will help your dog to get rid of flea eggs, pupae and adult fleas.

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