Baking Soda – Does it Really Kill Fleas?

Fleas are a huge problem for many home owners, especially if there are pets present within the living space. Your home is 90% more likely to be infested with fleas when you own a pet.

Feeding on the blood of humans and their pets, flea bites can be quite painful, leaving behind itchy, irritated and compromised skin. Do you need to know how to get rid of fleas? Does baking soda kill fleas? The answer is yes Baking Soda Kills Fleas

Baking Soda - Does it Really Kill Fleas?

Like most homes, your dwelling likely has several rooms filled with places for fleas to hide and lay their larvae. Carpeting is one of the most common places for fleas to inhabit and multiply at an alarming rate.

Cloth covered furniture is another good place where fleas love to hide. Pillows, stuffed animals and other home furnishings are additional items that fleas can hide in, adding to your level of discomfort, and the discomfort of your pet.

How to kill fleas

You will be relieved to know that baking soda is highly effective against adult fleas, although it does not kill their larvae. Because of this, several applications are required to wipe out the entire colony that is hiding in your home. This affordable and effective treatment for fleas is a great alternative compared to treating your dwelling with harsh chemicals and active ingredients that are on the market today.

Below, you will find step by step instructions on how to rid your home of adult fleas, once and for all, using the common household ingredient, baking soda. You will find that these instructions are safe and easy to follow, giving you exact directions on how much baking soda to use for your infestation.

How to Kill Fleas with Baking Soda?

To effectively kill the adult fleas that are living inside your home, you will need three things – baking soda, a vacuum cleaner and a good scrub brush.Choose a large scrub brush that will cover a reasonable amount of carpet with each swipe. After the initial treatment, your carpet will again need to be treated after the remaining larva develops into fleas.

Follow the instructions below, in exact order, and retreat again in seven and fourteen days.

Liberally, you will need to sprinkle an entire box of baking soda across all of your carpets in an even pattern. Make sure to cover every inch of the carpets, even under furniture and inside the corners of the room, to prevent the little vermin from escaping.

Baking Soda On Carpet

Next, using the brush, you will need to scrub the carpet. Alternatively, you could probably use a broom if you do not have a brush. Rubbing the baking soda into the carpet is a very important step in ridding your home of fleas, as this helps push the soda deep into the carpets where fleas, and their eggs, will likely be hiding.

Once the baking soda is properly in place, let it sit in your carpets for a minimum of fourteen hours, but not more than two days. Avoid walking through or inhabiting areas that are being treated, as your legs, or the legs of your pet, could provide an escape route for the fleas.

carpet vacuum cleaner

Once the correct amount of time has passed, run the vacuum over your carpet to remove the baking soda. You will also be vacuuming up fleas and larvae, so when the task is complete, remove the vacuum bag and immediately remove it from your home.

Now that the fleas have been removed, you and your pet will once again be happy and comfortable. If you follow these steps and are unhappy with the results, check the freshness date on your box of baking soda. You can also test the potency of the baking soda by adding a few drops of vinegar to a small amount of baking soda.

25 thoughts on “Baking Soda – Does it Really Kill Fleas?”

  1. hi there,
    use baking soda and salt mixed,this will deffinately kill fleas,as the soda being so fine sticks to the fleas body and get into all the moving parts of the flea,then cuts into the the flea.then the salt dehydrates the fleas body then they die

  2. Hi There I don’t have carpet I have Hardwood floors so how can I use baking soda and salt to get rid of fleas in my home

    • Hi ,I no u asked ur ? Sometime ago did u ever get a answer I have hardwood floors as well would like to no the best way to get rid of the fleas

      • fleas won’t stay on hardwood, they stay on fabrics like upholstery, curtains, cushions and pillows. If you have cracks between the hardwood, then by all means sprinkle with baking soda and sweep it into the crevices. Wait a day and vacuum the soda up

    • No you shouldn’t put anything harsh like salts directly on your dog, it can be mixed into bath water as long as vinigar is added for dissolving salts & softening the water. Do NOT get in pets eyes.

  3. I have used this remedy when i had kittens. harmful chemicals and multiple baths with dawn dish soap…suds up leave on for a few minutes and rinse you will see the dead fleas in the tub. Works for dogs too.

    • you should not wash your pets in dawn it strips the natural oil off their skin use instead a shampoo that has neem as the major ingredient, neem is not harmful to pets and kills fleas immediately neem is an organic alternative to chemicals

  4. Another Natural and effective non chemical flea spray…a couple bags of earl grey tea 3 to 4 lemons and an orange cut into quarters boil….then let stand put in spray bottle And spray doggie vigorously also when wet. Citrus dehydrates fleas and they die.

  5. you can test it yourself, if you can find a pesky flea, drop it into the bathroom sink on top of some baking soda. Watch it weaken and die. You can see it’s potent against the critters

  6. 1st infestation used mortons salt with baking soda- phenomenal quick -3 days for complete uninhabitation- results
    2nd infestation used generic salt with baking soda DONT USE GENERIC!!!! —- IT HAS TO HAVE IODIDE—i couldnt figure out why it wasnt working…hopefully i can laugh at this stuck on stupid pregnancy moment in the future

  7. I’m in an apartment in Dallas with wall to wall carpet. Worst flea season ever here. Did the vet visit for the 3 month pill because the liquid across the back could not keep up with the fleas in the neighborhood.
    I had bought and used over $100.00 in chemical sprays and no results. My poor dog was miserable – I was homicidal/suicidal.
    Did the soap on plate with a light at night and the fuckers were back. 42 in one night in my bedroom! The same day I sprayed with that 20.00 can of shit from petco.
    I tried this and got some results but no annihilation till…
    Here how to really kill the little mother fuckers.
    Thoroughly vacuum. Not little girl quick back and forth, put real effort in 3-4 times over the same spot. Move all the furniture.
    I bought walmart salt .59 cents and baking soda .9 cents.
    One container 16 oz of salt ( round container ) One 16oz of baking soda ( box ), mix thoroughly in a dry bowl.
    The secret is the even distribution over the carpet. We used a colander, yes that thing that strains your pasta.
    Dip a dry cup into your mixture, trasnfer to the colander and gently wave it side to side over the carpet. Then use a broom and gently “sweep” the powder evenly across the carpet.
    Then lay that shit down like napalm, I used four containers of salt and four boxes of baking soda in a 1200 sq foot apartment. Set my soap on plate and caught three fleas in four days. Repeated the same process again and no fleas — not a fucking one fleas in over two weeks. Now I’m laying the salt/soda under the bed and furniture as a precaution. I’m salting the rugs every week with vacuum every couple of days.

    • 2 questions – Did you leave the mixture on your carpet for the 14 hours? Do you have pets? Just trying to figure out how to keep animals out of the living room for that long.

      • I left it on the carpet for 3 days. Vacuumed reapplied same amount, left that for five days. No more fleas. I keep traps out. No catching anything .Plates with soapy water. I vacuum and reapply every week now, will continue till it freezes.
        I do leave the dog. Have not noticed any reaction. Remember to spread with a broom.

      • no…
        I got the pill from the vet
        you could do the topical treatment form pet store but I’d double the dose
        I threw away all the pet bedding

  8. This is the first time i have fleas and i still don’t understand how to get rid f the fleas with baking soda and salt can someone please help me out thanks

      • re-read my post
        1 round salt — one box baking soda, I did one per room under all the furniture as well
        its important to spread it out as evenly as possible, I’ve talked to some folks at the dog park who have doubled my dosage and the fleas were gone in couple of days


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