Can Humans Get Fleas from Dogs?

Now a day fleas is a great problem for us. It attacks our Cats, Dogs or Chicken.For this blood sucker we are falling in many problems like mentally, financially. Mentally because of we love our pet so much and financially because of treatment cost. Now a new question is come in front us.

 And that is Can Fleas Get Human From Dog?

I have both a good and a bad news for you.

Answer no 1. Fleas can’t get human.

Answer no 2. Fleas can get human.

I think now you are a little bit of confused! Now I am going to explain both of them.

Fleas can’t get human:

There are more than 2000 species of Flea in the world. None of them get human except one species. I think you are now tension free.

Fleas can get human:

There are 30 different species of Fleas found In USA. Most of the time fleas spend in the environment. A very few of them have attraction on Cat, Dog or Chicken. But only a species called The Pulex irritan flea can get human. When flea get human it develops a condition called scabies.

Symptom of Scabies:

1. Red spots

2. Itching sensation

3. Skin rash


Precaution is better than cure. So you should follow some method that will help you free from Flea. Main source of Pulex irritan is our pet animals. So we should first make our pet animal free from flea. You should follow these method which are writing below:

  1. Use anti-flea shampoo for Dog and Cats.
  2. Keep your home neat and clean.
  3. Maintain personal hygiene
  4. Take a shower when you are come from your pet.
  5. You should follow home remedies for get rid of Flea

I think now you have a strong idea about Flea either it can attack human or not.If you want to know more information about Flea then please read our  Article about How to get rid of Flea here

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