Top 3 Best Flea Powder For Carpets

Flea, a little parasite, irritates us so much that it becomes difficult to spend a day without hesitation. Whenever your home is attacking by fleas, keep one thing in your mind carefully that if you are not concerned about it then it’s going to create a sickening situation for you. So if you find any sign of it give your prior concern towards it. Actually, a few years ago my home had been attacked by flea influx. And as I told you I gave the most important apprehension to it. And I focused basically on my carpets.

I usually think that when you are having a problem with flea on carpet using powder is a good way out. Either you can go with those powder element which contains toxic component or can choose to go with non-toxic component. It’s totally up to you what you prefer the most. I am mentioning both because some are allergenic to chemical products.

Non-toxic elements:

Borate powder:

 Borate is a non-toxic element. It is easy to use, low-priced and remains more than a year. It is a dehydrating component. It scorches fleas’ body moisture and leads them to be dead. It also disrupt fleas digestive system ultimately causing death of it. You can use boric acid if you are highly concerned about your health against using chemical items. You can apply borate powder 3 times a week.
Diatomaceous Earth: DA can kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae on carpet. Diatomaceous exactly works like borate.

Toxic elements:

Nylar: Nylar is a pesticide and is used in flea powders and sprays. The best part of this item is that if fleas consume it then their hatching power will be diminished. The adult can’t lay eggs any further. Also the larvae stop at that cycle. But a careful notation can be given. Keep in mind that Nylar doesn’t kill adult fleas.
Pyrethrine: The death result of fleas can be caused by this toxic element. It is absolutely safe for humans and children. But can be a nuisance for your pet cat and avoid using it around your fish tank. It affects fleas’ nerves system resulting it to be dead.

Fleabusters Rx flea powder:

Fleabusters Rx flea powder contains non-toxic particle. It mostly contains borate powder. It is most commonly used among the customer for its non-toxic behavior. It is a super fine powder which can reach to the bottom of your carpet very easily. It results in killing adult fleas even the eggs and the larvae’s.
Zodiac flea powder: Zodiac flea powder contains Nylar and Pyrethrine which are toxic in nature. It can kill up to many fleas which is unaccountable in number. It can affect fleas’ adult, larvae, pupae and eggs. It means overall life cycle of flea is devastated by this powder.

How to use flea powder:

You can apply flea powder by sprinkling all over the carpet evenly. Sometimes powder don’t reach to the bottom of the carpet at that time I used comb to brush small sized carpet. It’ll help the powder to reach to the base. And I also used big broom for bigger carpet. After 1 day of applying any powder I vacuum the whole carpet thrice as I don’t leave any chance for any fleas on my carpet to live on.

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