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Using Borax to kill Fleas?

Few days ago I noticed some red inflated area on my ankle. I was very much scared about it. Then I notice my little kitty started to scratch its whole body frantically. Then I consult with one of my friend. What she told me was very familiar for you to hear. She told the reason […]

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Using Salt to kill Fleas in the Carpet

Fleas harm your normal life style by irritating you and your pets’ and also your belongings. There are such factors through which fleas disturbs us a lot. So it is important that besides you take care of yourself you must take care of your home belongings. The most common place for flea is the carpet. […]

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How to Kill Rats in the Home

My mummy and my grandma always warn me with such silly factors, from which mice is one silly factor. I am telling this creature silly as it is small in size but causes large damages to us. I know some people are sensitive about telling mice a silly creature because they like them. I am […]

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How to Get rid of Mice in the Attic

When I was little I watched my grand pa how he do his work and in what manner. In countryside home it’s a difficult life and the hugest problem is different kinds of pest. Here I am mainly talking about mice. It lives in every place, including home, garage and attic. One day I saw […]

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How to Treat Flea Bites on Human Skin?

Flea, are you known with the word? Supposedly I thing we all knew about this. As my sense flea is a blood sucking leech which lives on blood. My little sister calls it vampire. She has a high sense of humor. Every thing on earth has a life cycle. As so it flea also has […]

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Home Remedies for Fleas On Dogs

You are checking your health problem in each month but you must think about your pet animals. Today I am talking about a pet dog. Flea invasion can hold in your house easily. It can affect your environment very badly. You need to take care of your pet’s health as flea like to choose weaker […]

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