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What Do Flies Eat?

No one in this world can survive without food.he or she have to eat a certain amount of food for live.actually i eat more than twice in a day.because i am a food lover.eating food is my habit.i have 16 pair of teeth and i use them to eat food.grinding power of my tooth is […]

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How to Get rid Of Fleas Fast

No one can live alone in this rude world. He or she needs a company. It may be human being or pet animal.Sometime a person you like the most may betray with you but a pet like a cat or a Dog will never ever betray with you. We love our pet so much, so […]

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How to Get rid of Mice Fast

Few months ago I started to work on internet then suddenly my net connection is off. I searched for every possible way to fix it. Then I found it’s a mouse, which possibly cut my cable. Although those cable where looking colorful that’s the possible reason becoming there food. Even my little sister’s skirt and […]

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How to Get rid Of Cockroaches in Your House

Cockroaches are an enteric pathogen. It’s that kind of pathogen which has no value. Now it’s all over that world but that’s not our problem. But it’s a problem when it’s in our sweet home. It’s that kind of inset which can snack on our food, destroy our favorite books, wallpapers and clothes. It was […]

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How To Get rid of Mice in Garage

Do you know How to get rid of Mice in Garage? I think this is a easy process. I had mice problem in my Garage few months ago 🙁 You need 6 Necessary Steps for mice control in Garage: 1. Cheese & peanut butter • Live mouse traps • Peppermint oil • Onion • Steel […]

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How to Catch Fruit Flies Fast

Catching fish is my favorite hobby. Every weekend I go to river for fishing. But last weekend a new thing is happened to me. When I was leaving the home for fishing suddenly my mom called me. She told me, she face a new problem in the house.She told me that, there are lots of […]

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