4 Best Fruit Fly Traps That Work

There are thousands of fruit flies traps in the market. So it’s very difficult to choose among them. Before buy a trap we should remember the benefits of the trap. Some Trap is so costly but its gives least satisfaction. But we don’t know which product we should buy and which we shouldn’t. So before buy a Fruit flies trap we should know about the criteria of an idle Trap.


Something should remember before buy a trap. Today I am going to discuss about this matter. Actually I have been researching about 6 months to deliver you a complete knowledge about a good Fruit flies trap.

Criteria of Best Fruit flies Trap:
  1. Should be cheap but affective.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Safe for environment as well as you.
  4. Available for all places.
  5. And finally it should give result quickly.

If you remember above those things surely you will be the winner. And you will get a idle fruit flies trap.

But for your benefit I make your task easy. I find out some Trap for you which you can buy. My entire recommended Trap is excellent.

1.Springstar Glass fruit fly trap:
  1. A superb trap. It’s uncommon because it can trap fruit flies without using of poison.
  2. It’s very affective. It can catch up 300 fruit flies.
  3. I recommended it because it’s very easy to use. Simply mix the bait with water one trap.
  4. It’s available with bait and refill.
  5. It’s also very cheap but affective like other expensive Fruit flies trap.

Price: Only 12.51$

2. Fly Web Fly Trap:

Another excellent fruit flies trap. Most importantly it has no mess. It’s very small in size so you can keep it any place where you want.

  1. Its can catch fruit flies very quickly.
  2. It’s very easy to use. When old glue board is full of Fruit flies just change old one and replaced by adhesive trapping board.
  3. It’s not only catch fruit flies but also others flies like House fly, cluster fly, Face fly etc.So you can use it for various purpose.
  4. Price is not so high and effective for both house and commercial space.

Price: Only 25.49$

3. Fly Web Glue Board 10 pack:

It’s actually for Fly Web Fly Trap Refill..If you have already that trap and satisfied by using that then you can buy this product. It’s also very cheap and available in anywhere.

Price: Only 7.75$

4.Invade Bio Drain Gel-qt:
  1. its designed for eliminate all type of flies like Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, Face Fly etc.
  2. Easy to apply. Just apply 4 oz to Fruit flies affected areas for one week.
  3. Low cost product. Safe for use and available in anywhere.

Price: Only 20.30$

The product I have mention is very suitable for you. It will surely help you to make your house free from Fruit Flies. And you can also buy product buy remembering the criteria of a best Fruit flies trap. If my article helps you Then It will be an honor for me. Thanks.

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